What We Do

Local Vision provides support for those struggling to lift themselves out of poverty.   We provide financial support as well as casework services.  Local Vision  focuses its resources on those hard working people who have "fallen off the benefits cliff"; those who make enough money not to qualify for many benefits but not enough money to weather financial emergencies such as a sudden car repair. 

Examples of services we provide include donated, gently used furniture, new beds or mattresses for children, gap funding for people facing bills before receiving their first paycheck, and emergency food, diapers and other necessities.  Gap funding is provided to help pay one month's rent, purchase clothing required by a new employer, pay a utility bill or put gas in the car. 

Additionally, Local Vision, in partnership with the American Red Cross and others, plays a role in helping people recover from disasters such as flooding. Services provided include paying for dumpsters (for those who must gut their homes), paying for some materials to fix homes that can be salvaged, and replacing other necessities such as clothing and furniture."

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